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Skylight Installation adds beauty and light to your home and added value when you sell your home. You can find beautiful skylights at Summit Roofing. They provide beautiful choices. .


They will come to your home and expertly install your skylights. They have been doing this since 2003 and have been come to be known as the #1 roofing company in the area.

Reasons to get a skylight

Some homeowners regard skylights as a luxury—the equivalent of a whirlpool hot tub in a bathroom or an outdoor kitchen on the patio. But skylights are much more than a luxury, especially in regions that receive highly limited natural light, or with house construction where there is a limitation in wall area available for windows.

  • In the second story tucked beneath sloped rooflines, the presence of skylights may spell the difference between a sunny, bright, and friendly living space and a dark and murky cave.
  • In a home built between closely adjoining neighboring houses, skylights may be the best solution for introducing good, bright, sunny natural light into rooms. 
  • In a one-story home built with an open-concept floor plan, a skylight can bring much-needed natural light into the center of large rooms.

Types of Skylights

Ventilating Windows

Ventilating windows are installed at the same pitch as the roof, so no other roof structure needs to be built in order to accommodate the window. Skylight installation is a little harder to do but Summit Roofing has you covered

Tilt Window

This is a variation on a straightforward design and skylight installation is easy.. The window opens from an upper hinge instead of tilting around the central window axis.


Fixed skylights do not provide exterior access, but offer additional light and the opportunity to enjoy views outside

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are installed using a shaft that starts at the roof and extends down through your home. Capturing sunlight on the rooftop, the tube redirects it down a highly reflective shaft and diffuses it throughout the interior space. Summit Roofing provides you with skylight installation of beautiful tubular skylights.

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